Virtual Wanderlist: Camping In

The spring weather's been gorgeous lately, making us lament missed opportunities to get out the camping gear. We're sure you've read that backyard camping can be just as fun, and have seen tips on how to make it happen for you and your family. But once you set up what do you do then? Luckily enough, Texas Parks & Wildlife can bring virtual camping directly to you.

This month Texas Outdoor Family is hosting live, virtual programming that takes some of the guesswork out of camping IN. TOF Rangers and Buffalo Soldiers will be streaming live from their backyards and living rooms straight to you bringing you the best in...

Sounds of the Night ◉ Virtual Stargazing ◉ 30 Miles on Beans & Hay ◉ S'moresgasbord Galore! ◉ Hook, Line & Sinker ◉ Dutch Oven Delights ◉ Campfire to the Kitchen ◉ Artist in Residence ◉ Camping with your Pets ◉ Coffee History ◉ Essentially Prepared ◉ Earth Day ◉ Photography ◉ Birding for Beginners ◉ Migratory Marvels ◉ LNT in Your Backyard ◉ Firebuilding 101 ◉ Fort Building Families

And it all culminates in the #TexasOutdoorFamilyCampIn on Saturday, May 2nd, from 1PM to 8PM!

For more information and a detailed schedule of events visit Texas Outdoor Family on Facebook. We hope to see you there!

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Virtual Wanderlist: An Intro to Wildlife Live Streams

We know how it feels. Spring Break came and went with little to show for it but antsy kids and queuing up to go grocery shopping. Even with extended breaks and moving to online classes for Texas school children and college students, it’s not as if there’s anywhere they can go or anything they can see. Well, at least not in person. 

Luckily, we have the next best thing, a Virtual Wanderlist – wildlife viewings, virtual tours of parks, museums and zoos and distance learning. Join us as we guide you to the best the internet has to offer at virtual travel, while sneaking in some education for all the kids and adults stuck at home.

We wouldn't be Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine without mentioning wildlife. There are a dazzling array of live streams available that will keep you up-to-date in real time with animals in Texas and throughout the country. 
Tower Girl incubates her eggs on March 26, 2020.
The first to catch our eye was The University of Texas at Austin Biodiversity Center’s Falcon Cam. Tower Girl is a Peregrine Falcon who calls the UT Tower home. She’s currently incubating a clutch of eggs in her nesting box 300+ feet in the air.  Visit this cam to see the grace and beauty of a native Texas raptor. And, just maybe, you can catch her eggs hatching. 

Other avian live streams:
If you prefer something a bit more terrestrial, Texas Wildlife Cams runs a live stream from a ranch outside of San Angelo. A handy guide tells you the most likely time to tune in to view native wildlife as well as identification of the plants seen on camera. 

Other terrestrial live streams:
But maybe the animals of the deep are more your thing?  The giant kelp forests of the Pacific Ocean are home to a variety of fish and marine mammals. This live stream camera sits off Anacapa Island in the Channel Islands.

Other oceanic live streams:
We can't guarantee that the animals will always cooperate, but we hope that with these resources you and your family can explore the world outside while remaining healthy and safe inside.

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