10,000 Texans

How many people don't participate in outdoor recreation?

Fifty-one percent.

That’s how many American’s participate in exactly zero — as in not even one — outdoor activity each year according to the Outdoor Foundation.

Fifty. One. Percent.

For an agency with the motto “Life’s Better Outside,” this statistic is discouraging.

We know from our own research that Texans participate in outdoor activities at rates far higher than the rest of the country, so our numbers may be better than that.

But still … fifty-one percent.

In a state with a population of 28.7 million, that’s 14+ million people who never experience what the Texas outdoors has to offer.

Fishing, hiking, picnics, walking trails, kayaking, hunting, splashing in the gulf or even just a walk in the park — more than 14 million Texans missed out on all of that.

And we think that’s a big problem.

That’s why we here at Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine are launching this blog, to inspire Texans to get outside and experience all that Texas has to offer. But rather than thinking big, we’re thinking small. Like, move the needle 0.03% small.

Which adds up to 10,000 Texans. 

We'd like to inspire 10,000 Texans to get outside and try something new. To help, we’ll be posting one idea — one place you can go, one activity you can try, one way to get involved — every day. On our blog. On our social media channels. With our friends and family.

And we’d like you to do the same. 

If you’re already part of the 49% who goes outside on a regular basis, fantastic! The next time you do something outdoors, invite a friend. Take them to your favorite outdoor spot — or visit somewhere you’ve never been before! But most important, help us spread the word that Life’s Better Outside.

And if you’re a great indoorsman (or woman), we hope to inspire you with how much Texas has to offer, and how easy it is for you to experience it.

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