Black Birders Week

After the global success of its inaugural year, Black Birders Week returns Sunday, May 30 through Saturday, June 5.Co-founded by Texas wildlife biologist and formerTPWD intern DanielleBelleny, Black Birders Week amplifies Black nature enthusiaststhrough social media anddailyevents. 

“It can be really lonely when you don’t see other people like you” enjoying and working in the outdoors, DanielletoldScience News.She hopes to encourage more Black people topursue careers inscience and conservation. 


This year’s event will showcase the ways Black people connect in the outdoors. The lineup includes nationwide birding events, livestreamed panel discussions and daily interactive themes.  


The firstBlack Birders Weekevent was organized in response to an incident that transpired in New York’s Central Parkin May 2020. Christian CooperaBlackwriter/editorwhois an avid birdwatcherhad an unpleasant encounter witha white woman who was walking her dog while he was birding. When he asked her to leash her dog, she called the police. His video of the incident went viral and sparked a discussion about equality in the outdoors. 

Christian Cooper 

Wildlife biologistDanielleBellenyfell in love with birds at Texas A&M University—Kingsville and then had an internship at TPWD, which continued to foster her passion for wildlife.She graduated two years ago from a graduate program at Tarleton State University, where she focused on birds. 


“Once I finished grad school, I connected with this group of Black scientists in a group chat,” she toldThe Casual Birderpodcast last year. “We wanted to have a community and be there for each other. We wanted to share our experiences as Black birders and enthusiasts. The event that happenedtoChristian Cooper could have happened to any of us.” 

Danielle Belleny 

Within two days, the dynamic group had the whole initiative organized. There’s even more to do this year, including posting to social media each day with these hashtags. Use them all year,Bellenysays,to provide reassurance through community. 


Sunday, May 30 - #BlackInNature 

Share stories, favorite spots and activities.Describewhat being in nature means to you. 

Monday, May 31 - #BirdsOnMyBlock 

Birding is a hobby anyone can engage with at any level. Use the hashtag in your tweets and pictures. 

Tuesday, June 1 - #BirdsEyeView 

Honoring the many identities and activities in the birding world and showcasing the diversity of who a birder can be and what a birder can do  

Wednesday, June 2 - #LiferMemories 

Share your best or favorite lifer memories, or if you’re new to birding learn what a ‘lifer’ or ‘life list’ is.  

Thursday, June 3 - #SafeInNature 

Highlight ways to stay safe when birding and working the outdoors. 

Friday, June 4 - #OnTheirWings 

Bridging the gap between the past, present and future. Introducing young up and coming birders.Share your ownstoryorshine a light ona young birder in your life.  

Saturday June 5 - #BirdsOfAFeather 

Birds are everywhere. Highlight your endemic species and share your pics and lists.

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