Blanco State Park Beckons

Blissfully Blanco-ed

Luckily the car air conditioner can keep us cool while we escape to a swimming hole to catch a last splash of the summer. Sure, there are pools galore across the state, but swimming holes are those precious jewels that add a dash of natural adventure to your swimming experience. 

At the eastern edge of the Hill Country, Blanco (pronounced BLANK-oh, not like the Spanish word for white) beckons. It’s the name of the river, the state park and the town, and each is a delight for families, seniors or young wanderers.

Blanco State Park was just the seventh state park in Texas. Meandering through the 105-acre park, the river showcases limestone terraces, majestic bald cypress trees and our state’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) history

Small dams creating pools at the park

Several CCC-constructed dams create swimming holes that are the park’s main attraction on hot summer days. When the air stills and the temperature peaks in late afternoon, visitors enjoy the showers beneath the dams’ spillover and float in the cool pools. Kayaks, tubes and canoes can be rented in the park.

Sunfish, catfish and bass (and rainbow trout in winter) are abundant here, making fishing another one of the park’s draws. 

When you long for a little civilization, head over to the Redbud Café to hang out with locals and enjoy for artisan foods and craft beverages, with live music on weekend evenings.

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