Hummingbird Picnic

What’s on the menu for your next picnic?

If you’re lucky enough to live near or visit the elevations of West Texas, head up the mountain to Davis Mountains State Park with a goodie-filled basket or backpack to join very special guests for an outdoor feast with a view. 

Pack a little something extra for those guests: a hummingbird feeder and some hummingbird food. Some state park superintendents say it’s okay to do so as long as deer or other mammals can’t get to it and you’re sure to take it with you when you go. 

Head toward one of the CCC-built picnic sites just off the trail going to Fort Davis National Historic Site. You’ll know it’s the right one when you find stone steps sneaking down to it as they wind around a large rock. 

This site has a huge picnic table and one of the most incredible views in the entire state. Let your eyes feast upon the sight of Limpia Canyon and its rare West Texas collection of green while you remember how everything tastes better when it’s eaten outside. 

After spending a bit of time gazing and grazing, chances are the hummingbirds will have found the feeder you’ve hung nearby. You’ll likely find yourself so mesmerized by their antics that you may forget to chew (or sweat). 

Try this picnic at suppertime to catch the quick cool-down as the sun sets. Don’t forget a jacket (yes, a jacket!) and a flashlight. 

Tip: Wear something red and discover that not only are you watching the hummingbirds, but they’re checking you out as well! 

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