Texas Waterfalls

Falling Water

Waterfalls are a full sensory experience, perhaps adding in a bit of magic to what our eyes and ears tell us we’ve encountered. We can only imagine what those early explorers must have felt when — tired and dusty and thirsty — a waterfall suddenly appeared before them. Great time for a break for those pioneers, and us, in the middle of the endless Texas summer.

There’s a good number of waterfalls on public land here, but some folks are lucky enough to have their own private paradise, complete with falling water. We may not get to experience those private jewels, but there are state parks with waterfalls available for all to enjoy.

Have you ever hiked back to Madrid Falls at Big Bend Ranch State Park or paddled down to Dolan Falls at Devils River? Spectacular!

Gorman Falls

Our readers’ favorite, and perhaps the most famous falls in Texas, is Gorman Falls at Colorado Bend State Park. View the 60-foot falls on a two-hour guided hike or without a guide along the 1.5-mile Gorman Falls Trail (steep section at the end). The falls and travertine pools with unique aquatic life are fragile. There is no swimming at the falls, but swimming is allowed at the south end of the park. Hiking, mountain biking and cave tours are other popular park activities.

Where’s your favorite Texas waterfall?

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