Spring Break at Texas State Parks

Four Tips for the Best Family/Friends Getaway

Looking for the ultimate spring break nature experience for your friends or family? Texas state parks are the perfect places to get outside and enjoy the diverse landscapes that make up Texas. With opportunities to swim, walk and play at many parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few tips to ramp up the fun during spring break.

1. Check Availability Online
It’s never been easier to save your spot at a state park, whether you’re visiting for a day or a week. You can now pick your campsite, “save the date” with day-use reservations and purchase your Texas State Parks Pass online. Social media pages offer updates on weather conditions and crowding.

2. Visit a New Park
With 89 state parks around Texas, there is always something new to discover. Instead of fighting the crowds at old favorites, why not visit a “new to you” state park like Mother NeffEstero Llano Grande or Cleburne?

3. Take Part in a Park Program or Activity
Park staff hosts many guided activities, including bird walks, kayaking tours, archery 101 classes, arts and crafts, yoga in the park, stargazing and cooking demos, to name just a few.

4. Plan a Mini-Adventure
At Longhorn Cavern State Park, visitors can learn about the history and geology of the cave. Head out west to climb a mountain (and catch a cool breeze) at Franklin Mountains State Park or relax by the Sabinal during the off-season (translate “not crowded”) at Lost Maples State Natural Area. There are so many experiences, from challenging to relaxing, to discover across the state.

Find other state parks near you here

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  1. The problem with our state parks is like everything else .
    Greed is taking over to the extent that the average person can no longer afford to visit much less stay at one
    By the time you pay for a vehicle ,a couple of people and a weekend stay ,you have spent a small fortune
    For as much as a night at a state park ,you can now stay at a lot of nice motels with a pool and a big plush bed.
    The parks should be able to be enjoyed by all and cost should be minimal

  2. I’ve been going to Our Parks for over 34 years and have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of them from cliffs, Mountain Views, cool streams and rivers, peaking outside a tent flap to canoeing in Texas water ways. Just a get up and go to enjoy the outdoors getting away from the city hussle and bustle. UNTIL somebody passed a new policy of having to have a reservations to just visit! These are OUR parks that we pay for through taxes AND day or annual passes. I’ve been denied three times entrance in the passed year because I didn’t make a day visit reservation. I understand the need when camping.... but just to visit for the day? Park admin!... please understand, we need to encourage park recreational participation not discouragement. When I see car after car being denied entrance for the day it breaks my heart!!! Please.... change your policies.

    1. Reservations are destroying all of the park systems. NPS, NFS, COE AND STATES.

    2. Anonymous3/07/2020

      There is an app that anyone can download onto a cellphone called TX State Parks in which every state park is listed with reservations and maps. It is free to download and VERY easy to utilize. Three times huh, think you would have learned after the first time!

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