Simple Ways to Beat the Heat

The last Friday in May is dedicated to National Heat Awareness. With summer imminent and temperatures rising, we remind you to stay cool, stay hydrated and stay informed.

Even with summer heating up there are still ways to be outside and stay cool. Here are a few tips.

  • Wade in the water. You can often find cooler temperatures by the ocean, and fresh water lakes and streams can offer welcome respite.
  • Climb every mountain. West Texas vistas benefit from high altitudes and low temperatures, even if you have to trek to reach them.
  • Descend into the depths. Many of the caverns and caves that spread beneath our Texas soil boast consistent, year-round lows to keep you cool while you tour, enthralled.
  • Stay up late. There's a reason so many critters live the nocturnal life. Night hiking or running is a great way to take advantage of cooler temps when the sun goes down.  

For more details on how to beat the heat, read Sarah Youngblood's story in our July 2019 issue.

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