World Migratory Bird Day

For over 25 years World Migratory Bird Day has been celebrated around, well, the world.

The colorful northern parula can be seen during early spring migration. © Paul Reeves |

This global campaign brings awareness to migratory bird conservation, organized around the planet’s migratory bird corridors. Here in Texas, we see birds migrating along the Central and Mississippi flyovers.

For some species, Texas is a temporary home for breeding, while others are just stopping along their route. However long they stay, their beauty, grace and birdsong are something we can all enjoy.

Iridescent feathers make the ruby-throated hummingbird a welcome guest. © Steve Byland |

More information about migratory birds and the flyways through Texas can be found at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Learn more about migratory birds in Texas in the pages of our magazine.

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