Nature Photography Day + In The Wild Hood Photo Contest

From close-ups of the tiniest insects to panoramic sunset shots, there are infinite possibilities for beautiful photographs if we only take time to pause, explore and appreciate. 
- Earl Nottingham, Chief Photographer Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine

Since 2006 the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) has designated June 15 as Nature Photography Day, a day to promote the enjoyment of nature photography and understand how images can be used to advance the cause of conservation in our natural world. 

What better way to celebrate than to announce the launch of our own nature photography photo contest - In The Wild Hood!

Entering is simple. Select from one of 12 categories, snap a photo and share it on one of three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using #InTheWildHood. The contest lasts all summer long, giving everyone plenty of opportunities to enter as often as they would like, and the categories cover over 40 photo prompts that you can snap anywhere you find nature.


Succulent/cacti, flower, tree 

 Puddle, lake, stream, river, pond, fountain
Sunrise, sunset, moon, stars, Milky Way
Wind chimes, outdoor lights, gorgeous gardens
Birdhouse, gazing ball, statuary, pollinator plants
Boat, fishing gear, neighborhood trail
Rain, fog, sunshine, clouds, lightning
Fungi/mushroom, moss, ivy, overgrown yard

Atmospheric, interesting rocks, nature abstracts
Flying bug, crawling bug, spider in a web
Small mammal, outdoor pet, backyard livestock
Bird, reptile, amphibian

For more information and complete rules, click here.
Each week we'll spotlight a different category on social media.
And look for our favorites in future issues. Will your submission make the cut?  
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