Celebrate Women's History Month with TPWD's Leaders

In 1987 Congress designated March as Women’s History Month to highlight the contributions of women to history and contemporary society. 

At Texas Parks and Wildlife women serve in every corner of the state as game wardens, biologists, technicians, accountants, educators and many other roles to fulfill our mission of outdoor recreation and conservation.


This year we introduce you to women on our leadership team. Each took a different path to get here but they all are strikingly similar in their advice on pursuing a career you love.


If you’re interested in being part of our team, check out our internship, job and volunteer opportunities. 


Andrea Lofye
Infrastructure Division Director


I love fishing and began volunteering with TPWD as an angler instructor purely for the fun of it. That experience ended up leading to my current job. 


Now I get to be part of a team that builds the infrastructure for our sites around the state, providing sustainable planning, design, construction and support services.


The world is full of people who view working for a living as a chore, so I am very fortunate. I found a lucky intersection where my work experience and favorite pastimes came together. I love going to work on Monday morning.


My advice for those looking to find a job they love is to volunteer. Volunteering is an easy, no pressure way of learning about an organization and building a network within a field.


Mischelle Diaz
Communications Director


I still remember the elementary school Career Day visitor that sparked my interest in journalism. Her name was Suzanne, and she was a news anchor and reporter at the local ABC affiliate in El Paso. I was in awe of her ability to be calm, articulate and amazingly pulled together, whether she was behind the anchor desk or reporting from the foot of the Franklin Mountains in a dust storm. 


Eventually, I earned my way to an unpaid internship at the same ABC affiliate where I made coffee, carried tripods, and edited lots of scripts. The lessons I learned about the value of accurate, timely and succinct communication are still with me today. 

How people connect with nature and the outdoors is a personal sojourn. I think it’s important to meet people where they are in their journey and then help guide them to other meaningful experiences that encourage a deeper respect for our natural world. 

Pursuing a career in conservation and recreation provides an opportunity to influence quality of life for future generations. Give your time, talent and treasure to groups that support environmental stewardship so you can be well-poised to make your career move. 


Whether it’s out in the field or behind a computer screen, there is a place for women who believe that the natural world is our heritage.


Patty David
Human Resources Director


My mom was a big inspiration in me choosing the field of Human Resources. She grew up in an orphanage and worked hard after graduating high school to build a life that she didn’t have growing up. 


Hearing about her experiences working in a personnel department always interested me so I enrolled in a personnel course to explore. I loved the course and felt like I had found my career path.


I love the range of jobs that Texas Parks and Wildlife offers. I tell everyone I meet that I have never felt like I am going to work, just getting to do what I love in a great agency.


I would encourage them to pursue what they love. It’s a great adventure when you love what you do.


Brandy Meeks
Internal Audit Director


I stumbled upon the internal audit profession when the reality of being an accounting manager for a plumbing company got a little too routine. The goal of internal auditing is simple: to help improve and bring value to an organization by evaluating its system of controls, risk management, and governance processes. 


To know that my team’s efforts play a role in in preserving the natural and cultural resources of Texas is very rewarding.


I love hanging out in nature. Growing up I spent summers and weekends visiting my dad, who lived on Lake Tawakoni. We swam, boated, skied and spent many days just chilling out by the lake. As an adult, I love to tag along with my husband and daughter when they go hunting. 


At TPWD, my love for the outdoors and my profession have come together. TPWD utilizes many diverse skills and disciplines in carrying out its mission, even those of auditors. 


I hope young women know that no matter what profession they choose, the true reward is finding a place to utilize their skills in supporting something they truly love. For me, being an auditor at TPWD is a perfect combination. 


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  1. Shana Dudley3/24/2021

    I love that we have so many fantastic women in senior leadership roles now!!! Way to go, ladies!!!

  2. What great ladies Rock!!!

  3. Proud to be on the same team as these leading ladies! Fantastic!! way to go!

  4. Johnny Crawford3/25/2021

    Proud to be on the same team as these ladies!!

  5. Karen Marks, Aquatic Edu Mgr.3/25/2021

    Wonderful highlights of some awesome women. I also started as a volunteer with TPWD (Expo and WL Diversity). All of our TPWD Volunteers Rock!