Friday's Future Conservationists (Part Three)

Welcome back to our new blog feature: Friday’s Future Conservationists. We’ll share inspiring work from the students who one day will be our biologists, park rangers, nature photographers, game wardens and stewards of all wild things and places.

Thanks to Amanda Asher and the teachers/students of Cibolo Creek Elementary School for helping us get started. 


Did you know that living organisms in any environment depend on each other and their environment to meet their basic needs?  


Second grade students at Cibolo Creek Elementary School recently completed their science unit — “Investigating Organisms and Environments” — by creating an article for Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. This week we feature Mrs. Ferry’s class.


The students each drew an illustration for a specific environment and the organisms that live within it. They wrote articles describing how the organisms and environment depend on each other to meet their needs. To complete the project, students mapped out the food chain from their environment, displaying the transfer of energy from one organism to another for survival.  


Check back later for more amazing “articles” from our future conservationists.

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