Dive in!

Nothing is cooler than a dip in a cool spring on a hot day.
The chilliest water in Texas can be found near the abundant springs, scattered across the state. These ancient springs feed icy streams, creeks and rivers, but best of all, sometimes they create swimming holes. Where else would you want to be when the thermometer hits 104?
The Texas Hill Country contains the greatest concentration of swimming holes — human activity around San Marcos Springs, the second largest springs in Texas, has been traced back more than 12,000 years. Like us, the ancients must have figured out that immersing in cool artesian spring water was a pretty smart way to survive a hot day in August.
Many springs are tucked away into more remote, rural areas, but a few can be found in more populated area, like the crown jewel of Austin, Barton Springs.
As development has sprawled beyond the pool and the creek upstream all the way to its headwaters some 30 miles away in Hays County, Barton Springs is more remarkable than ever. There are times when the water is so clear it’s as if nothing has changed in the last 100 years. Newcomers to A-Town get hooked on the big pool the same way oldtimer’s fell in love with it decades ago. Some begin their day in the springs before dawn, with downtown skyscrapers and the moon providing all the illumination they need to navigate the dark waters. Even families enjoying a weekend cool-down there know there’s no better urban swimming hole on Earth. Period.

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  1. Love "Blue Hole" at the Dinosaur Valley State Park outside Glen Rose. When I was in college, my fellow students and I would head out to the Paluxy River in the heat of the day. We attached a rope to an old oak tree, swing out over Blue Hole and dive in. This area of the Paluxy River wasn't a state park at the time now it's a great place for camping, swimming and hiking in the beautiful Texas outdoors.

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