Turtle Time on South Padre

Sea Turtle Restoration at Sea Turtle, Inc.

For a variety of reasons, South Padre is like no other Texas beach. You could say the sand is whiter and the water is bluer, but for us, it’s an opportunity to get up close to some of our favorite marine animals, those friendly sea turtles that inhabit the salty waters along Texas’ southernmost beach.

When you visit, why not stop by the new Sea Turtle Inc. facility to make some new friends (permanent turtle residents with adorable names like Merry Christmas and Hang Ten).

The modest building that once housed injured turtles was replaced by a fantastic $6 million facility in 2018, right after Sea Turtle Inc.’s 40th anniversary celebration as a nonprofit. Hourly turtle talks, a large aquarium, interactive kids’ exhibits and a 300-seat amphitheater with a view of the wetlands and a top-notch theater system are features of the new site, just behind the old one (now a sea turtle hospital).

South Padre is a unique place for new outdoor enthusiasts to experience a beautiful Texas beach and learn about how our natural world is recovering.

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