Take Rover Out Roving


It’s International Dog Day! We go a little crazy whenever we get to publish articles about sporting dogs or taking your dog to a state park, because we know we’ll get to choose from lots of adorable dog photos. Who doesn’t love dogs, especially the one who wags her tail so happily when we get the leash or open the car door?

Not every outdoor location welcomes dogs, so check out park policy before you leave. Make sure your dog has some “manners” and can socialize well. Blazing hot August surfaces can burn tender dog paw pads, so be vigilant. Bring plenty of water for both pets and people.

A great resource is frequent contributor Melissa Gaskill’s book, Best Hikes with Dogs Texas Hill Country and Coast, which includes details on specific parks as well as the Ten Canine Essentials and the Doggy First-Aid Kit. 

What could be better than sharing your love of Texas state parks with your favorite pup? Here are three that welcome man’s best friend. Let us know what parks your dog loves best!

The 1,100-acre nature park has more than 15 miles of trails and contains elements of four regions: Post Oak Savannah, Blackland Prairie, East Texas Pineywoods and Central Texas Plateau. With that much variety, there’s plenty to see and sniff.

If you are planning on taking your pooch on an overnight camping trip, this park is known for being among the best. There’s plenty of shoreline here, and plenty of shade. The terrain is mostly gentle, and your dog’s paws will appreciate the loose-dirt trails.

Nothing gets a tail wagging like offering your dog an entire mountain range to explore, especially in the largest urban wilderness park in the country. Your dog will love the rugged trails, with a variety of bird songs echoing throughout the area.

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