Look Up Tonight!

Meteor Showers Light Up Texas’ Dark Skies

Though the moon has been bright for the past few nights, Texans will look forward to not one but two meteor showers peaking tonight and tomorrow night.

The Draconid meteor shower will be active through October 10. It can be seen best in early evening or just after sunset. It’s small, just a few streaks each hour.

The South Taurid meteor shower will be fantastic these nights as well, and last through November, with about five per hour visible. Later this month, a darker, new-moon sky may afford better viewing. 

Both meteor showers are created from comet debris.

More meteor showers – the Orionids, the Northern Taurids and the Leonids — will join in the celestial show in November. Find a Dark Sky state park for best results, or drive away from the city lights.

Use these photography tips to help capture the nighttime magic with your camera.

Teach your kids about the night sky with this special edition of Keep Texas Wild, “Star Party.”

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