National Octopus Day

Eight Great Reasons to Love Octopuses

While there are octopuses in the Gulf of Mexico, they’re mostly found on Florida beaches, not on the west side. Still, we can see them in aquariums (check out the Texas State Aquarium’s “Tentacles” exhibit and their Facebook page to see a beautiful video) and learn about their amazing abilities on social media and in documentaries.

1.    They’ve got eight arms that are used for many things, but most interestingly, to taste. An octopus can sever his arm to escape; it will grow back. 
2.    They’ve got nine brains. Neurons run down their arms, giving them the ability to solve problems on their own, like opening a jar.
3.    They are super flexible and can fit through almost any opening.
4.    Though not a bird, they have beaks used to crack shellfish (that’s handy).
5.    They can produce a neurotoxin that paralyzes their prey and enzymes that break down their food.
6.    They are so well camouflaged, with the ability to change the color and pattern of their skin to match their surroundings.
7.    They’ve got ink and they know how to use it. They spray it to avoid predation.
8.    Last but not least, they are super smart: the smartest invertebrates in the world. 

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