Virtual Wanderlist: Distance Learning for Kids

We know it's unbelievable but it seems as if children across the state are starting to miss going to school. Many districts are still working on implementing online learning as Governor Abbott's order extends closures through the end of April.

Meanwhile, your children crave structure. They're tired of being bored. They're looking to you for things to do. 

And luckily enough, we've heard your unspoken pleas and gathered some of the best distance learning opportunities Texas has to offer.

Distance learning opportunities at Texas State Aquarium engage children and adults alike.

If you missed your beach vacation for spring break we have good news for you. The Texas State Aquarium can give you back a little of that ocean feel with its Aquavision program.  The Aquarium typically offers two paid levels of at-home courses, Blue and Gold, but in the face of nationwide school closures, it is providing a limited series of daily distance learning for free.

For the rest of the school year the Bullock Museum is offering its distance learning program at no cost. These TEKS-integrated, online learning courses cover different topics in Texas history and are just the thing if you’re looking for study opportunities at home. (Distance learning courses require connection via

A little bit science, a little bit history, The Mayborn Museum at Home Program brings the experience of this Baylor University complex to you. Virtual visits and follow-along activity videos are perfect for filling those long hours at home.

The Children’s Museum of Houston offers dozens of free resources for online and at-home STEM experimentation and learning.   

The John C. Freeman Weather Museum is a permanently virtual collection of weather topics to explore. Become weather-wise at home by learning about weather modeling or forensic meteorology while using up-to-the-minute satellite and radar imagery. 

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has done a deep-dive into distance learning with Discovery Lab, a state standards-based interactive program in STEAM and history courses. Live animal demos, hands-on art and science experiments and the history of artifacts in their collection are presented in free daily lessons. 

Not to be outdone, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science offers Amaze Your Brain at Home! In addition to a video series, at-home activities are presented by grade level so there’s something appropriate for all the kids languishing at home.

We hope that with these fun and educational resources, your family can explore the world outside while remaining healthy and safe inside.

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