Virtual Wanderlist: Museums 2

We end our Virtual Wanderlist with a few places not exactly related to parks, wildlife, nature or the outdoors. But what virtual tour list would be complete without museums that celebrate our more artistic leanings?  Here are some of the best virtual art collections in Texas.

Can't make it to Fort Worth? Kimbell Art Museum is one of several in Texas to offer online options.

The Kimbell Art Museum incorporates all multi-media has to offer. Using interactive photographs, videos, hundreds of audio tours – many specifically for children – art-making activities AND a mobile app, Kimbell From Home is the art museum virtual tour you didn’t know you were missing. 

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston asks “can you name 5 women artists?”  The answer is #5WomenArtists, an online exhibit that features the work of women whose art is represented in their collection. MFAH offers other online galleries as well, presenting written text detailing the textiles, paintings, prints and photographs displayed.

The Dallas Museum of Art is a master of online curation, allowing visitors to explore art by pre-defined collections such as department, color, motif, century or object. For those looking to integrate online viewing with at-home learning, their Extended Information section has Teaching Ideas for specific items in the collection.  

The San Antonio Museum of Art has hundreds of items viewable online. Browse by collections from around the world, search by artist, title or medium, or use the advanced search tool to set specific parameters.  

The Blanton Museum of Art uses interactive tools that allow you to experience their pieces more closely than you ever could in person.  Whether room-sized installations, ancient pottery or European masterworks, zoom in to explore detail, texture and design up close and (virtually) personal.  And while you’re there, don’t miss out on their in-depth exploration of Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin.  

While not precisely a virtual tour, simply visiting the McNay Art Museum home page opens a visual window on several outstanding exhibits on fashion, pop culture and minimalist art. Scroll through its offerings but don’t forget to click “more info” for video and details on the collections. 

And, of course, We hope that with these resources you and your family can explore the world while remaining healthy and safe.

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