Hispanic Heritage Month — By Popular Demand, The Frio

I can vividly remember summers spent on the Frio. My family lived in Uvalde the summer I turned 10. Every day when my dad got off work he'd take us to the river to plunge into water so cold it burned. And obviously, I'm not the only Texan that has such vivid memories.

We had quite a few comments about our first post, the majority asking how could we forget the Frio? How indeed!

The Frio, a recreational hotspot renowned for its crisp, cool water, takes its name from the Spanish word for cold. There's no real indication of when the moniker took root. The De León expedition called it Rio Sarco, which may refer to the beautiful blue of the water. The three forks of the Frio wind for 200 miles through the Hill Country. Archeological evidence dates human habitation along its banks to at least 8,500 years ago. 

Today visitors can take advantage of everything from local tubing outfitters to helicopter tours to enjoy the beauty of the river and the landscape it helped to create. 

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